Video production

Video Production

As you might have noticed, we go crazy for everything to do with video and moving images. For convenience sake, we summarize our video portfolio into 3 categories: video production, post-production & digitization

Interested in digitization of your old video tapes?

Check out our website dedicated to digitize your old footage.


“Euphoria” live by Scaletta

Background video for LED-wall

Video from A to Z.

People communicate through video almost exclusively nowadays, both in corporate life and the art/cultural sector. We are more than happy to provide you custom-made reports, fun videoclips and live recordings, both on location, or in our modular studio. After all, a video is worth a thousand pictures.

World Choir Games – Studio 100 – Act South America
Production Mantelzorg – Coponcho
World Choir Games – Studio 100
Production Erfgoedprijs 2020 – Gasthof Watermolen
World Choir Games – Studio 100
Production for Art’s Birthday – M HKA
Huis van de Mens – Wereldlichtjesdag 2021
Videoclip – Nina Doevendans